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Surrounding tourism

We will introduce tourist attractions of "Kobe" with a rich foreign atmosphere!

  • 1.Kitano Area

    • Kitano Ijinkan, "About 10 minutes on foot from the hotel to the mountain side"

      All 17 buildings Along with the beauty that you see from the outside, the inside of the facility is like a foreigner like an art museum.
      Kitano sightseeing guide map is available at the front desk so please use it.

      Meiji 20s (1887 - 1896) Residence As a new residential area of ​​aliens,
      Kitano where many mansions were built.
      The high-rise western-style building which sees the sea is famous for the name of "Honjin-kan", was designated as an important cultural asset of the country the same year, and is very popular as a sightseeing spot representing Kobe.

      Symbols of the Kobe Famous Hall Street famous for red-brick and spider- Kazamidori-no-yakata - Kazamidori-no-yakata · Kazamidori-no-yakata - Kazamidori-no-yakata etc.
      Let's go around when visiting the hotel's inn.

      In Kitano, French restaurants, cafés and famous Kobe brand stores line up,
      Gourmet and shopping are also fun.
    • Kitano Meister Garden

      【10 minutes on foot from the hotel】 

      Kitano Studio is an experienced tourist spot that used former Kitano Elementary School building.
      In retro modern space, there are 21 studio such as Morozov, Kameido etc.

      Here, you can see the state of craftsmen's manufacturing,
      You can experience over 60 kinds of experiences anyone can enjoy.

      In addition, there are cafe, Kobe souvenir · sweets, take-out hood,
      It is also recommended when you want to take a while.
    • Ikuta Shrine

      【Become the hotel, 1 minute on foot】 

      Kobe, it is a famous shrine called "Itsuku".
      Ikuta Shrine was founded in 201 (regency first year)
      It is a shrine with an old history to be conveyed, healthy longevity, marriage, prosperous business etc.
      It is a shrine crowded with many worshipers because it has a profit and is located in the center of Kobe.

      While being behind Sannomiya station,
      It is a healing spot that makes you feel very natural and fresh.

      Because it is soon from the hotel,
      Please take a walk before checking in.
    • City loop

      【2 minute walk to the nearest bus stop from the hotel】

      The city loop bus is very convenient for sightseeing!

      Kitano, Nankin-machi, Meriken Park, Harbor Land, etc.
      A bus around the main spots in the Kobe city ​​area.

      Kobe has various tourist spots from the sea to the mountains,
      It is a little hard if the slope is also many walks.

      But, as this "city / loop bus" is going around the main tourist spots,
      You can enjoy sightseeing efficiently.
  • 2.Harbor Land area

    • Harbor Land, "About 30 minutes on foot from the hotel to the sea side"

      Shopping · Gourmet · Amusement,
      Wedding · Cinema Entertainment ...
      An area that you can enjoy all day.

      It is also recommended to take a walk while feeling the sea breeze.
      Speaking of Kobe, it is still "night view".
      The walk from the sunset is also glittery and very nice.

      There are also Anpanman museums,
      It is a popular spot for families as well.

      From Meriken Park, tourist cruise ships also arrive and depart,
      "Minato Kobe" seen from the sea is also exceptional.
  • 3.Nankin-machi area

    • Kobe Chinatown, "About 15 minutes on foot from the hotel to the sea side"

      One of the three biggest Chinatowns where Chinese restaurants and grocery stores connect.

      A lively city filled with delicious things,
      I'm afraid I'd get it in my hands.

      In addition, the "Chinese style decoration" which has become stiff is photogenic,
      Please enjoy Chinese lantern-style outside light etc standing around the town.
      It is one of the pleasure to stroll while watching.

      If you are a fashionable girls,
      A cute goods store between alleys and old setting colonies where neighborhood brand shops line up
      It is also necessary to check out Otsunaka Tsutomu who gathers small individual shops.
  • Four.Mt Rokko Area

    • Rokkosan Pasture, "About 60 minutes by the ropeway from the Kobe City bus from the hotel - 40 minutes by car"

      If you use a cable car or a ropeway, Mt Rokko can easily go up to the mountain.

      On the mountain "Rokkosan Pasture", in addition to a large number of sheep,
      Dairy cattle, goats, horses, rabbits etc are grazing.
      You can enjoy nature in places near from the hotel.

      In addition, Ya night view spot that can overlook from Wakayama direction to Akashi Strait
      Botanical gardens, music box museum and many other variety of leisure facilities.
      It is also recommended for families and couples.

      There is a bus in the mountain, so you can relax and move around the whole day.
  • Also good access to major tourist facilities!

    • Universal Studios Japan

      【10 minutes on foot from the hotel 30 minutes from the Sannomiya bus stop · 30 minutes by car】

      Amusement park in Osaka, Japan's largest.

      Like lost in the movie world from America,
      A lot of attractions, shows and gourmet!

      Popular areas such as Harry Potter and Minion are opened one after another,
      Tourists are also visiting from all over the world.

      I can not afford to play in a day!
      It is a mistake-free park that you can enjoy regardless of age.
    • Kobe City Oji Zoo

      【About 15 minutes by Hankyu train from the hotel · about 10 minutes by car】 

      It is a very lovely panda,
      Meeting the Panda is,
      In Japan as well, only three facilities including "Kobe City Oji Zoo" are here!

      Please come to Kobe to see the female "Dandan (Tintin)"!

      The highlight of this zoo is "
      Feeding time for animals and training time.

      Children are delighted as they can see the pretty appearance.

    • Suma Aqualife Park

      【About 30 minutes by JR from the hotel】

      In addition to the main building with a large wave tank of waves in the vast site,
      There are 9 exhibition halls such as sea otter hall, dolphin live hall and so on.

      "Dolphin live" where band dolphins show off brilliant techniques
      There are plenty of places of interest such as "The Amazon Hall" where you can see the world's largest freshwater fish piraruc.

      Among them, the fulfillment of freshwater fish,
      Since there are also popular maniac creatures from the time of opening, it is a place I want to pay attention to.

      Because cost performance is also better than other aquariums,
      Please visit Kobe and try extending your legs.
    • Arima Onsen

      【About 30 minutes by train / bus from the hotel, about 30 minutes by car】 

      One of the three oldest hot springs in Japan's oldest hot spring.

      It is also counted in three Japanese fountain of Lin Lu Shan and three fountain of pillow pillow,
      In the hot spring spirit of the Edo period, it was ranked by West Ozeki, the highest ranking of those days.

      The spring quality of Arima Onsen,
      It is a hot spring with seven ingredients and many ingredients that are rare in the world mixed.

      It is one of the name fountains representing Japan as a name.
    • Kidzania Koshien

      【About 40 minutes by train / bus ※Children are with us and it takes about 1 hour after transfer etc.】  

      It is located in "LaLaport Koshien" just beside the Koshien Stadium
      Kidzania is "the city where the children play the leading role" that can learn social mechanism while having fun.

      In the city, the reality is that companies, shops and vehicles are children's sizes,
      You can experience various kinds of work and services like adults by using real facilities and tools.

      About 100 types of work and services you can experience!
      I'm lost as to what I'm going to do.

      It is an experienced facility where you can see peerlessly about the growth of children.